About Us

Our Approach

The BGW International team specializes in developing new products and technology. We keep our process simple and effortless for our customers. Our offices and factories in the USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong successfully place products through our marketing pipeline.

Our team leader partner friend advocate and most aggressive person we have ever encountered Mr. Brant Williams who has challenged the most harsh adversarial atmosphere of competition and unbalanced future shake ups is always available to talk engage motivate challenge and simply be a friend is up and ready to talk to anyone at 561.972.1580 or Brant@bgwinternational.com

Our next team front man is Brandon LaBar.  With top notch analytical skills and a knack for extracting actionable insights out of data, Brandon spends most of his time trying to stay one step ahead of Amazon’s A9 search rank algorithm.  He likes to think himself as the Ironman of the Internet, and is up for any ecommerce challenge thrown his way.

Our other team front man is Michael Gustman.  He brings a simple strategy and personality to BGW by doing and not talking and always is up for the fight.  Don’t tell him you “can’t” because he will find a way.  With years of leading internet marketing strategies, Mr. Gustman, has become an asset for our partners to work with.